2AP Lab Histology Review
Created by Heather Roffey
The Histology Zoomer Atlas
If you only have time for one website, choose this one. Many quizzes on the basic tissue types, but also quizzes on the histology of integumentary, endocrine glands, spinal cord, and bone. Has tutorials for histology, integument, and endocrine. These are pretty similar to the quizzes in that questions are asked but you can get your answers right away. Finally, there are collections of images categorized by system (e.g., cardiovascular, digestive) which can be useful next semester.
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Epithelial Tissue Quiz
This quiz consists of a series of images and with 10 multiple choice-style questions. It will take you minimal time to navigate this link unless you take the time to read all the descriptions in the answers. This website has similar quizzes for other tissues, but you cannot get to them from this page. Honestly, they are not worth the effort to find.
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Blue Histology Quizzes - School of Anatomy and Human Biology - The University of Western Australia
More multiple choice questions. Several with images to identify. Some of the info is beyond what we learned in 2AP. This site allows you to select what tissues/organs to be quizzes on.

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Histology - Yale
Link to epithelial page.
I chose this resource because the images are high quality and labelled. Lots of quizzes in the form of short answer questions. Also has some identification questions. Some of the material is more detailed than what we covered. That should be obvious - it is does not sound familiar, we did not cover it (e.g., pathology questions).
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Histology Images & Quizzes - Challenging
Companion website to Atlas of Human Histology text (Sorenson & Brelje 2014).

Organized by tissue type and organs. Contains a slide box of images for easy review. Drop-down menu allows one to select different views (e.g., xs, ls). Unfortunately structures are not labelled, but drop-down menu does allow one to focus on particular structures. There are also descriptions of the different organs, tissues, and special structures which hyperlink to the respective images. I like the last grouping of "look alike" tissues/organs that are easily confused, however answers are not given so you will need to do some sleuthing and image comparisons.

Also contains practice quizzes. However, these quizzes do not involve the identification of structures/tissues/organs. Rather, the questions are more theory based which can also be useful for the lab exam. The questions do involve some thinking so this website is best saved till you want a challenge in your understanding. :) Electron microscopy images are beautiful, but probably not useful in studying for the lab exam.

Very high quality images with zooming capability.
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